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Discover Clarity and Insight with Professional Tarot Readings in the Netherlands

Are you seeking guidance and clarity in your life? Welcome to Nanette Medium Tarot Readings, where you can find profound insights and thoughtful advice through the ancient art of tarot. Whether you’re looking for answers about love, career, personal growth, or spiritual direction, I am here to help you navigate life’s journey.

Services Offered

In Person Tarot Readings

Experience the power of tarot in a face-to-face session. I offer private readings in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Enjoy a personalized session in a calm and welcoming environment where we can explore your questions and uncover the insights you seek

Online Tarot Readings
No matter where you are in the Netherlands, you can receive a tarot reading from the comfort of your home. I offer online readings via video call, email, or chat. These sessions are convenient and flexible, designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Group Readings and Events
Planning a special event or gathering? Add a unique and engaging element with a group tarot reading. Perfect for parties, workshops, and festivals, group readings provide entertainment and enlightenment for all attendees

What to Expect

Personalized Approach: Every reading is tailored to your specific needs and questions.
Confidentiality: Your privacy is my priority. All sessions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality and respect.
Ethical Practice: I adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring a professional and respectful reading experience.
Insightful Guidance: Gain meaningful insights and practical advice to help you on your life path.

How It Works

1. Book a Session: Choose the type of reading that suits you best—whether in-person, online, or for an event.
2. Prepare Your Questions: Think about the areas of your life where you seek guidance. Clear and specific questions can lead to deeper insights.
3. Enjoy Your Reading: During the session, we’ll explore your questions and the tarot’s insights. You’ll leave with a new perspective and valuable advice.
4. Follow-Up  Consider additional sessions for ongoing guidance or explore complementary practices for continued growth.

About Me

I am Nanette, a professional tarot reader and psychic with 25 years of experience helping individuals find clarity and direction. My approach combines traditional tarot wisdom with modern psychological insights, offering a balanced and practical perspective.


“Receiving a tarot reading from Nanette was a transformative experience. The insights were incredibly accurate and helped me make important decisions with confidence.” – Mariza L

“I was amazed at how much clarity I gained from my session. Highly recommended!” – Meri N

Book Your Reading Today

Ready to discover the insights waiting for you? Contact me to schedule your tarot reading in the Netherlands. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment together.

Contact Information

Email: info@nanettemediumtarotreading.com
Phone: 0909-0703 choose 4 in the menu in the NL
Social Media: Links to your social media profiles

Visit www.nanettemediumtarotreading.com  for more information and to book your session.

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